HVAC Solutions for the Industrial Process needs

Industry processes are extremely variable depending from the materials and substances there processed.

STA special Air Handling Units are engineered manufactured and serviced taking care of the above combined by the most strict specific Industry sector standards, those AHU key success factors are:

  • Process System Control
  • Protection to corrosion & explosion
  • Durability and Reliability

Paper Industry


STA designs its AHU to match the industry process needs by a complete air handling and climate control capability.

  • Parameters control accuracy
  • Precision of Air Handling volumes
  • Energy efficiency/savings

High-temperature process

The possibility of extremely high corrosion environments in the chemical process requires special materials and high quality manufacturing level.

STA AHU provides the chemical industry customers by:

  • High corrosion resistant design.
  • Correspondent engineering & manufacturing.
  • Atex certification.

Heavy industry

To match the customers process competitiveness STA has developed its AHU to have:

  • Long life design.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Industrial Process requires for each project clear and detailed Documentation & Certification from single equipment to complete AHU systems and from engineering and manufacturing to FAT house testing.

STA with 20 years of global deliveries experience has the specific skills to provide the Customers of the complete Documentation & Certifications for world wide projects matching always International and national Defence required rules and standards.