STA Ventilation Technolgy - Direct driven exhauster type EA
Direct driven exhauster type EA
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STA Ventilation Technolgy - Electric humidifier type UMR

Electric humidifier type UMR

Air humidifier UMR Series are based on the principle of water evaporation at boiling temperature by mean of electric resistance.

An electronic regulator keep constant the water level in the tray and protect the electric heaters.

The environmental humidity value is controlled by humidity sensor (not included in the humidifier, optional).

The UMR Series are designed to be installed in air conditioning unit and supply ducts both in civil and industrial plant.

  • Range of 8 sizes
  • Steam capacity from 0.4 kg/h to 12 kg/h
  • Power from 0,3 kW to 10 kW
  • Power supply 220V-1ph or 400V-3ph
  • ATEX version available on request
  • Fully material quality customizable
  • Large optional available

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