STA Ventilation Technology

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La STA Sistemi Trattamento Aria S.r.l arises from the experience matured by a group of specialist in air conditioning market in over twenty years of activity.

Our Company has many times faced, studied and solved all the aspects related to the manufacturing of AHU's for air movement and treatment, with taking care of using first quality materials and technically correct and economically competitive sizing of the units.

The series of classic products, from the simplest air extractor to the most complex AHU, have been continously optimized taking down all suggestions and observations from our customers in a so long period.

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STA Ventilation Tecnology Processes and Solutions

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Navy, Offshore, Commercial

STA Ventilation Technology supplies marine HVAC equipment to seagoing vessels designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions from tropical with high temperatures and humidity to extremely cold conditions with very low temperatures. Read more

Explosion proof

Explosion proof solutions.

When the air become dangerous STA Ventilation Technology delivery ATEX rated for Zone 1 or Zone 2 equipment for internal and external dangerous atmosphere using the best quality components to meet both quality and safety solutions. Read more


Industrial process, Hygenic, ATEX

STA Ventilation Technology provide a large range of equipment for many industrial sectors such as petrochemical plant where EX atmospheres may arise or laboratories where hygiene characteristics are required meet highest energy efficiency classes. Read more

Environmental Test Chamber

STA Ventilation Technology manufacturers a variety of specialty environmental chambers to accommodate specific, unique, and custom types of testing for a variety of industries including appliances, military equipment and battery. Read more


Public, Private & Comfort

STA Ventilation Technology solutions for buildings market meet the highest possible comfort in terms of air quality, sound level and thermal conditions with the top quality equipment designed and manufactured following the Customer needs. Read more