STA Ventilation Technolgy - Electric humidifier type UMR
Electric humidifier type UMR
STA Ventilation Technolgy -V-belt driven exhauster type EBP
V-belt driven exhauster type EBP
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STA Ventilation Technolgy - Direct driven exhauster type EA

Direct driven exhauster type EA

The EA range of 5 alternative, air exhaust units, all utilize direct drive fans and are designed to offer a solutions to most forced air ventilation problems. The sturdy casing, accurate manufacturing and high quality control results in units that have very low noise levels so that they can actually be sited within the room area to be served if required.

Additionally the use of this type of fan means that high external static air pressure are available so that the EA range is ideally suited to ducted, supply or extract systems.

The standard method of construction allows the units to be suitable for either internal or external siting, without modification.

  • Range of 5 sizes
  • Air flow from 200 m3/h to 4400 m3/h
  • External static pressure from 40 Pa to 350 Pa
  • Power consumption 115W to 600W
  • Power supply 220V-1ph
  • Fully material quality customizable
  • Large optional available

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