STA Ventilation Technolgy -V-belt driven exhauster type EBP
V-belt driven exhauster type EBP
STA Ventilation Technolgy -Horizontal air conditioning unit type UCO
Horizontal air conditioning unit type UCO
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STA Ventilation Technolgy - Ductable air conditioning unit type MP

Ductable air conditioning unit type MP

The MP/W – E unit is designed for medium size comfort cooling or heating offices, shops, meeting rooms, laboratories, etc.. It is suitable for concealed installation, in 4 pipe systems (MP/W version) or in direct expansion conditioning systems (MP/E version).

Coils are of a counter-flow design with maximum heat exchange efficiency; fans have been selected for low noise service; the sturdy construction and the insulation material used, give a further contribution to a very low noise level.

The compact dimensions, the air volume range and the available accessories allow these units to match every kind of installation.


  • Range of 6 sizes
  • Air flow from 580 m3/h to 3750 m3/h
  • External static pressure from 10 Pa to 400 Pa
  • Cooling from 3.8 kW to 25 kW
  • Heating from 8.5 kW to 55 kW
  • Power consumption 110 W to 600 W
  • Power supply 220V-1ph-50Hz
  • Fully material quality customizable
  • Large optional available

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