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STA Ventilation Technolgy - Heat recovery unit type UCR

Heat recovery unit type UCR

This unit has been designed to match all the needs of air renewal in crowded areas and it can be used in winter for pre heating and for summer pre cooling of the air.

UCR are available in 8 sizes and can be supplied with different accessories to complete all the heating and cooling functions, have a weatherproof design unit with roof, inlet hood and bird screen. Also depending on the quality of the air in the occupied area, the air volume is automatically varied under the control of a CO room sensor this is available meet our clients most exacting requirements.

The unit must be installed horizontally only, access is from top or bottom panels upon request.


  • Range of 8 sizes
  • Air flow from 500 m3/h to 3.500 m3/h
  • External static pressure from 50 Pa to 300 Pa
  • UCR/M efficiency up to 50%
  • UCR/A efficiency higher than 60%
  • Power consumption 0.2 kW to 1.2 kW
  • Power supply 220V-1ph-50Hz
  • Fully material quality customizable
  • Large optional available

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