La STA Sistemi Trattamento Aria S.r.l arises from the experience matured by a group of specialist in air conditioning market in over twenty years of activity.

BUSINESS AREA, S.T.A process and products covering the following divisions:

KEY PRODUCTS, solutions and systems for air handling units, mechanical ventilation and HVAC products.

OUR MISSION, to match Customers needs providing special solutions for efficient systems in ventilation for human comfort and safety with environment respect.

OUR VISION, to be a preferred supplier with innovative process technologies and product solutions in the air conditioning field.

Company Overview

  • Beginning of activity 1995
  • Quality certified ISO 9001:2008
  • Staff and headquarters about 30 employees
  • Over 4.800 sq.m. of workshop and offices

Located in Romans/Gorizia in the north-east part of Italy: the area offers a high concentration of skills and know-how in related HVAC needed equipments.

The region is a cluster of Companies “driving forces” for HVAC industry.

STA dna, roots and story are proven guarantee of successful:

  • HVAC equipments.
  • Process innovation.
  • Environmental solution.
  • Service for land, industry and marine worldwide Customers and they operations.

Our Company has many times faced, studied and solved all the aspects related to the manufacturing of AHU’s for air movement and treatment, with taking care of using first quality materials and technically correct and economically competitive sizing of the units.

STA Ventilation Technolgy -Vertical air conditioning unit type UCV

The series of classic products, from the simplest air extractor to the most complex AHU, have been continously optimized taking down all suggestions and observations from our customers in a so long period.


In an European dimension the CE mark could not be missed, therefore all our units are CE marked.

However to confirm our way of working and the seriousness of our Company ISO 9001 certification is the most significant point, getting this target crowns a way always set in the name of “quality” of our units and service to ghe customer in all the steps of productions: from design to the tests, if necessary, after installation.

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Sistema Qualità Aziendale
  • ISO 14001:2004 – EMS in fase di acquisizione
  • AQAP – Allied Quality Assurance Procedure (NATO)
  • MIL-S-901-AHU/CF Approvati a Shock
  • ATEX Directive 94/9/EC ||EG||B T4 Certified
  • ERP2016 – EcoDesign

Processes & Projects

STA ensures engineering and management of any major project phase by:

  • Having skilled personnel using latest engineering tools and software products
  • Full customized layout and equipment solutions
  • Close co-operation with the Customer through our experienced project management team.

It’s based on STA experience in major International projects manufacturing and shipping management:

  • Appropriate project milestones
  • Team work with Customer’s Project Manager
  • Contingency plans to sort out problems and keep the project on the track
  • Long time collaboration with approved suppliers
  • Successful delivery, installation and startup

A new software to size and design our AHU’s has been developed using the programs from our suppliers, all of them are well known manifacturers of aeraulic components as coils, fans, filters, to guarantee the validity of the outrint data.

We have tested the noise impact of our AHU’s on air conditioning plant and surrounding environment, sound level values acn be forseen and calculated by using a special our software and even in the earlier stage of planning is possible to forward suggestions and informations upon the need of modifications in the acoustic of air conditioned spaces and/or the distribution system for a better comfort.

Green global solutions with local commitment

STA R&D Team special efforts are in continuous development both of existing products as well as innovative marine and industrial products focused on:

  • noise reduction
  • limit vibration
  • space and weight reduction solutions
  • total energy saving
  • life cycle cost reduction

S.T.A. from the begging of its activities is focusing on energy saving solutions with environment respect.

Our daily commitment is to design and supply processes and products matching the Environment, Safety and Health Customers needs.

STA continuously put effort to reduce:

  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Metal scrap
  • Improve waste sorting

In STA local manufacturing operation as well as STA processes and products provided to Customers