STA Laboratory Testing Air Handling Unit

Most laboratory buildings have both office and laboratory room spaces. Where demands for air ventilation standards are completely differents.

Lab climate testing rooms require different and variable temperature and humidities with absolute control and volumes handling capabilities.

STA special lab air handling units key success factors are:

  • Highest performance and data accuracy.
  • Wide range of heating/cooling cycles.
  • Flexibility and reliability.

Highest Data Performance Accuracy

Lab test requires the best possible air handling data accuracy to match any different products needs.

STA  AHU provides its lab customers by:

  • Data measurement/recording
  • Process system control
  • Optimized design

Wide range of Heating/Cooling cycles

Different products test lab are asking for a charge spectrum of AHU applications needs.

STA AHU provides:

  • Air volumes handling.
  • Thermal handling.
  • Operational process safety.

Flexibility & Reliability

The specific products needs as well as the different demands for thermal variation require an AHU with highest possibile flexibility.

STA AHU provides:

  • Durability.
  • Free access for changes.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Environmental Test Chamber requires for each project clear and detailed Documentation & Certification from single equipment to complete AHU systems and from engineering and manufacturing to FAT house testing.

STA with 20 years of global deliveries experience has the specific skills to provide the Customers of the complete Documentation & Certifications for world wide projects matching always International and national Defence required rules and standards.