HVAC Solutions for the Private Buildings needs

Climate private building is a highly demanding technology where special requirements defined by different globe areas have to join specific standards both for new and/or existing expansion.


STA special Air Handling Units for private buildings key success factors are:

  • Energy efficiency/recovery systems
  • Ultimate air quality
  • Functionality and Flexibility



STA AHU for private buildings is designed to match different and possible extreme outdoor climate with optimized units performance with:

  • Energy recovery/savings
  • Control system for optimization



Private indoor climate standard are the driving force for STA engineers in designing AHU to provide:

  • Indoor comfort
  • Lowest noise level



The specific process needs as well as the different demands for thermal variations require an AHU with high flexibility.

STA AHU provides:

  • Long life design
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

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Private Buildings HVAC requires for each project clear and detailed Documentation & Certification from single equipment to complete AHU systems and from engineering and manufacturing to FAT house testing.

STA with 20 years of global deliveries experience has the specific skills to provide the Customers of the complete Documentation & Certifications for world wide projects matching always International and national Defence required rules and standards.