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Heat recovery unit type UCR
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Air handling unit type UTA

The “UTA” series of Air Handling Units have been specifically designed to meet the thermal and hydrometric requirements of most commercial and industrial applications through heating, cooling, humidifying and filtering of the supply air.

A great deal of care and attention goes into the design and manufacture of these units, thereby offering you, the customer, the most economical solution to their requirements, without jeopardizing the basic function of the equipment.


  • Range of 17 sizes
  • Supply, exhaust, stacked, side-by-side and combined layout available.
  • Panels form 25mm to 50 mm
  • Air flow from 1000 m3/h to 100.000 m3/h
  • External static pressure from 50 Pa to 2.500 Pa
  • Power supply 220V-1ph-50Hz or 400V-3ph-50Hz
  • Fully material quality customizable
  • Large optional available

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